Smokin’ BBQ in Kansas City

Woodyard Bar-B-Que

This working lumberyard and real-deal roadside barbecue sits amid storage complexes on the Kansas border. “Our ocean view is the railroad tracks,” says co-owner Joe Daly. In front, a picnic-tabled deck faces the outdoor smokehouse, allowing early arrivals a glimpse of char-glistened ribs and beef brisket getting flame-tickled. (Inside its clapboard house are two-tops and an ordering counter.) Mr. Daly and partner Frank Schloegel IV specialize in high-quality ribs and brisket (along with smoked turkey, ham and sausage), and put their house-made smoked bacon in most sides, including potato salad and righteous baked beans. The rib rub seasoning is “extremely unique, with ground sea salt and cloves—no sugar added,” Mr. Daly emphasizes. The “burnt-ends chili” features smoked ground beef, three kinds of beans and diced tomatoes, and gets taken home by the gallon. You can also carry-out the bacon slabs and seasoned pecan, cherry, hickory and oak woods. 3001 Merriam Lane, Kansas City, Kan
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