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First appearance When it became apparent that it was not going to work, she told her brother that since he was not ready to guide the Avatar, he should stop being so stubborn and let Jinora fulfill her destiny by guiding Korra into the Spirit World. ". Water She, along with her siblings play such big roles in Korra's journey to becoming the avatar, and none of them have quite the impact Kya does. After Jinora's anointment ceremony, Kya returned to the Southern Water Tribe alongside Korra, Tonraq, and Senna. She was also able to help Jinora's journey as a spirit. [11] They all returned to the Eastern Air Temple and relayed her eldest child's faith to Pema, before traveling back to Republic City, where Kya was among those witness to Mako's exoneration and release from prison.[12]. That shined through in the series, bond with Kya being stronger than just about anyone else in the show. He suggested that they employ his tracking skills, but Kya disproved his plan by pointing out that spirits may not even leave footprints. Although the three siblings maintained a relatively healthy relationship, Kya and Bumi became distant with their father due to his preoccupation with his Avatar duties, preserving the Air Nomad culture, and training Tenzin, the only other airbender in the family. In the aftermath of Kuvira's invasion of the United Republic of Nations, Kya joined the Air Nation at the temporary evacuee camp as one of the healers. One night, while awaiting a new shipment of supplies coming from Ba Sing Se, she, alongside Tenzin, Zhu Li, and Varrick, distributed Varri-cakes to the hungry evacuees, though their supply soon ran out. Lin and Kya are often portra… [3] After traveling the world and becoming a renowned healer of her own accord,[4] she settled down with her mother in the Southern Water Tribe following Aang's passing, though frequently travels to Republic City to help out whenever the city is in trouble. Avatar Korra fights to keep Republic City safe from the evil forces of both the physical and spiritual worlds. That evening, Kya remained on the island while Korra, Tenzin, and Bolin traveled to Kyoshi Bridge to help the Republic City Police deal with Daw, another new airbender.[16]. Affiliation Izabela Dabrowska. The rules for Adora and Korra … Byrne, David Faustino, J.K. Simmons. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. As the three siblings wandered the Spirit World, Bumi futilely called out for Jinora's spirit. Dark spirits, Unalaq, Red Lotus During the banquet, she seemingly came to Tenzin's rescue when Bumi was teasing him though used the opportunity to jab at him as well by saying that Tenzin had always been sensitive. After passing a light spirit butterfly to guide her father, aunt and uncle out of the Spirit World, she vanished.[14]. And what about Bumi, the nonbender eldest child? In 171 AG, Kya attended the Glacier Spirits Festival in the Southern Water Tribe. Additionally, Kya mastered the art of healing. When she found them, watching the sunset together at the gazebo, she told them they made a beautiful couple. Category:Kya images - Avatar Wiki, the Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra resource She was also educated in Air Nomad culture[5] but developed a slight resentment toward Aang and a stronger connection with Katara, who taught her to develop her waterbending and healing abilities to proficiency. She later boarded the steamship heading toward the Southern Water Tribe together with Korra and her family, and she looked on while they were being waved off by the group.[21]. Upon hearing news of the Southern Water Tribe rebels' defeat, the party arrived at the White Lotus compound, where Kya passed Jinora to Katara's care, noting that despite her best attempts to keep Jinora's energy flowing for almost a week, there was nothing more that she could do to prevent her niece from slipping away, placing her hope in the abilities of her mother. Brought to a tent, Unalaq mockingly congratulated them all for procuring "front row seats to the beginning of the new world order" under his leadership as the Dark Avatar. However, her mood brightened when Jinora and Meelo arrived as well. Knowing that just makes it all the more perplexing on how she was the first. Realizing they were a perfect target for the combustionbender, Kya urged her brother to let go, reasoning that they might as well risk the fall against certain death. As they sat around a campfire next to the girls' bodies, Kya tried to comfort her younger brother, who was worrying about Jinora being in the Spirit World, by pointing out that his daughter was smart and had a strong connection to the spirits. Kya returned to the air temple, where she was shocked to hear Tenzin's confession that he had never been to the Spirit World before. However, the ritual drew out a swarm of bat-like dark spirits that promptly attacked them. The only thing that ever posed too big an issue was the poison that coursed through Korra's vein later in the series. Kya started to heal the injured Bumi, though quickly got into an argument with him over his immaturity over their bending abilities, chastising him for failing to accept that he could not do everything a bender could. She could only ever be truthful with her parents as the tribe as a whole preferred such things are left in private. Kya left the four friends to themselves though not before letting the young women know that they could always talk to her if they ever needed a listening ear. Korra was definitely allowed in the city because she talked to the Krew about her previous times at the spirit festival etc. Attempting to explain his airbending abilities, Kya told Bumi that she had felt a change in his aura since Harmonic Convergence. Korra: But, he was brave, and smart, and always wanted to defend the helpless. As they all exited the tree, they witnessed in awe how Korra fused with Raava, recreating the Avatar Spirit. Musing over the fact that he had been able to move through the gates like an expert, she inquired about his origins, though when he brushed her off by saying that she probably had never heard of the small village up north, she realized that Yorru's true identity was Zaheer and attacked him with ice bullets, which he swiftly deflected using Tenzin's airbender staff. Having been trained by her mother, Kya is highly proficient in the use of waterbending. The argument quickly escalated, turning back to the core issue that Tenzin was heavily favored by Aang and made it his sole responsibility of carrying on Aang's legacy, as opposed to doing that with his siblings. That evening, Kya sought out Korra and Asami on Air Temple Island. The change makes some sense though as she's the middle ground personality between the two brothers. After being rounded up in one of the temple's courtyards with everyone else, Kya comfortingly held Opal while Zaheer told them they would be used as leverage to get to Korra and would be unharmed as long as they cooperated. Suspicious of the stranger, she encouraged her niece to head to bed before questioning Yorru, remarking that he had extensive knowledge of the Air Nomads for someone who was new to the ability. When Tenzin mused that Ikki's disappearance was probably his fault, Kya was quick to agree with him, explaining that he had likely been too busy with his duty to Republic City that he had forgotten to spend more time with his children, just like Aang had been with them. Kya is one of the few confirmed LGBTQIA+ individuals in the. Comments Add a Comment. She was a master of meditation, as she was the leading instructor at the air temple, knowing how to use yoga to her full advantage. [26], Hughes, Kiku (writer, artist, letterer). Overwhelmed by the extra attack force, Kya was pushed back into the temple, where she ended up back to back with Bumi, both panting heavily. !!! She's has a free-spirited nature to her, where she doesn't necessarily like being tied down by things. A one-stop shop for all things video games. As the party began their assault, the Northern army was revealed to be supported by dark spirits, who attacked Oogi, weighing him down. Voiced by The name shows how deeply Katara cared for her mother as well as how devoted she was to her kids. Kya. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. [15] Her skills also allowed her to momentarily hold her own against powerful benders such as Zaheer and Ming-Hua, though she could not defeat them independently.[18][19]. She's also a bit of a lover more than a fighter, preferring to heal others rather than bring any sort of pain. However, she looked on in shock when Bumi subsequently airbent. Korra Avatar. After Zaheer had been incapacitated, Kya witnessed how Suyin extracted the mercury from the Avatar's body, saving her life. Although she regularly fights with her brothers, Kya cares deeply for them. Kya was originally identified as the oldest of Aang and Katara's children in two separate family trees released by Animation Insider and. Growing up, Kya and her older brother, Bumi, were rambunctious children who enjoyed teasing and roughhousing their younger brother, Tenzin. Asami came up with a plan for herself, Mako, and Bolin to cause a diversion with a biplane while the others fly into the portal on Oogi. Relations This shouldn't come as a surprise when most of her focus seemed to be on the healing side of water bending. Even Wrong Hordak, Swfit Wind and Melog are in the She-Ra fight team. Saved from After they apologized to each other, Kya and her brothers reminisced over a family photo that their mother had given to her. Assuring that she had missed her niece, Kya stated that Tenzin did not bring his family around nearly enough. After the series finale, in which korrasamibecame canon, there was a huge influx in femslash fanworks for The Legend of Korra. As Korra and Jinora crossed over, Kya and her brothers remained behind to keep their bodies safe until they returned.[10]. Kya returned home with everyone, where she received proper care. Believing her brothers would like to see the picture Katara gave her before they left the Southern Water Tribe of them with their parents when they were younger, she showed the item to them, and they huddled around to look at it fondly. Round 2: The same as above but both have morals off. She announced that she would remain on the island with Pema and happily picked up Rohan, asking him if he was excited to spend time with her while jiggling up and down. I just cant imagine the reincarnation of her father would be close by, and Kya just wouldn't spend time with her, or even help train Katara train her. As they moved on to the next location, Kya observed Jinora in apparent pursuit of something, though after questioning her niece about it, she was brushed off, leaving her suspicious that the young airbender was hiding something. Even after the night had fallen, the trio continued their search for Ikki, with Bumi entertaining his siblings with grandiose stories over his past search and rescue missions. As with her sexuality, this isn't that shocking for followers of the show, but it isn't like Kya was an important part of the original series, only really being mentioned in depth during Zuko's redemption arc. Minor graphic novel characters (Legend of Korra), invasion of the United Republic of Nations, The Legend of Korra—The Art of the Animated Series, Book Two: Spirits, Waterbending (Southern and Northern style) However, after the tribal chief took his leave, Kya remained optimistic, as Bumi had evaded capture, and was proven correct when he and Naga eventually freed them all. This also brought a wave of new Kyalin works which were later bolstered when Kya was confirmed as queer. While Korra, Tenzin, and Ikki mused over possible reasons for the revelation, Kya told her oldest brother that she had been feeling a change in his aura since Harmonic Convergence, though she was annoyed when he snapped at her for not telling him earlier. The Legend of Korra › Kya. She reminded the new couple that each nation had their own customs when it came to same-sex couples and that their story was their own to made public when and if they desired to do so. In this case, it shows just how difficult it was coming out while being in the water tribe. This is what fans might not know about her! She witnessed how Korra told Tenzin she no longer required his services and dismissed him as her teacher, thanking him for his tutelage thus far. [Korra and Tenzin see images of UnaVaatu attacking Republic City and tearing down the statue of Avatar Aang] Kya spent the remainder of the day waiting with the others while Tenzin attempted to cross over to the Spirit World through meditation. Round 1: In character and both have feats from the end of both shows. RELATED: Legend Of Korra: 10 Fan Art Pictures Of Asami And Korra That Are So Romantic. Kya II (Avatar: The Legend of Korra) is a character from Avatar: The Legend of Korra. Their appearances make it seem like it was a last-minute change as Kya looks the oldest of the three of them, her hair already a permanent shade of gray while the others still have their full coloring. Kya is the first known child of an airbender to be a waterbender. Although she can harbor some resentment toward individuals, given that she never forgot about the fact that her father favored Tenzin during their childhood,[1] she generally maintains a friendly and caring demeanor[8] and is compassionate toward same-sex couples, even though she does not publicize her own sexual preference. That doesn't even include her relationship with her siblings and how well done that was. When Korra asked how Aang reacted when she told him of her romantic preferences in women, Kya fondly recalled that her father had been "nothing but supportive". After Tenzin was able to accept his self-doubts, the fog dissipated and he collected both Jinora and siblings. This left her physical body unprotected, however, prompting Kya, her brothers, Mako, and Bolin to defend it and themselves against the dark spirits that converged on the Tree of Time. Completely lost, they started going around in circles before encountering Iroh's spirit, whom they had not seen in forty years. “I am well aware who both of you are, which is why I’m cutting you off. She asked if they had already told anyone and learned that Korra's parents knew but, despite being understanding, had seemed worried about the reaction of the rest of the world. To some, this isn't a big deal, nor is it that big a surprise since it was hinted at for a while before being confirmed. However, when Tenzin expressed his joy over having his siblings around, as it reminded him of all the vacations they took as children with their dad, Kya grew annoyed, reminding him that she and Bumi were never part of those vacations. Kya in the pilot episode In turn, she also apologized for dumping her frustrations about their dad on him. RELATED: The 10 Best Spirits In Avatar: The Last Airbender And Legend of Korra. As Tenzin attempted to avoid talking further about the subject, Kya and Bumi mocked him for his "classic airbending technique" of evading things when they get tough. During her stay at the Southern Air Temple, Kya used her time to relax and joke around with her brothers. by Morgan Sloss. She acts as a spiritual guide in more than just the art of bending, but sexuality as well. Kya, as the middle child, exhibits two general personality traits. To prevent his escape, Kya conjured a small wave to attack Zaheer, who knocked her down with an air blast. Turf Wars Part Two (chronological & release order) Suyin, Lin, Opal, Bumi, Kya, Naga and Pabu are added to the Korra team. More about Kya Bumi and Kya teased Tenzin at the Glacier Spirits Festival royal banquet. Bending water from a fountain to form a ring around her, she prepared to engage Ming-Hua. [2], Kya also tends to retain a cool and clear head during times of distress but can become "as unpredictable as a raging river" while around Tenzin and Bumi,[3] despite often mediating conflict between her brothers.[4]. However, when Ming-Hua charged her to finish her off, Kya managed to briefly get the upper hand by blasting her aggressor off the temple's balcony. Kya and Bumi were led back to the dark spider spirit by Tenzin, who provoked it, prompting the spirit to capture the siblings and take them to the Fog of Lost Souls. Laura Lenghi. The siblings later tied themselves together to avoid getting lost, but they slowly succumbed to the fog's influence. Hearing her brother's unanswered search for their father's approval, she hugged him, assuring the ex-commander that Aang would most definitely be proud of him. [4] Labeled by her mother to have been rambunctious as a child,[25] Kya is attentive and loving to those close to her,[8] as well as having a perceptive and keen mind. It's kind of strange to think about considering how long it took to happen. Tenzin inherited his father's airbender ways, while Kya took after her Water Tribe mother. As Zaheer attempted to fly away, Kya called for reinforcements and used a water tentacle to grab and ground Zaheer, whom she subsequently attempted to trap in ice, albeit unsuccessfully. However, their new situation brought them directly into the line of sight of P'Li. She, along with her siblings play such big roles in Korra's journey to becoming the avatar, and none of them have quite the impact Kya does. Kya shares a special bond with her niece, Jinora. Saved by 123. As Tenzin helped her with the correct pronunciation of the guru's name, she remarked that she could never remember all the gurus and inquired if Tenzin remembered the "long and boring" story about the one who never ate.[5]. Before lying down, Kya told him to wake them up if he needed some company. Dishearted when he threw up on her, she used her waterbending to remove the mess off her clothes, while Pema stated that Rohan liked her. As for how it happened, it's not all that surprising that one kid gained their father's talents while the other got their mothers. Zerochan has 27 Kya II (Avatar: The Legend of Korra) anime images, fanart, and many more in its gallery. Korra, Kya, and Bumi attempted to ward off the dark spirits, but there were too many, ultimately leading to their capture save for Bumi. This is my version of canon. This version of Kya is partially existing and partially made up by me. Inspiration for the hair came from a Choices character. Two weeks later, Kya was helping Pema take care of Rohan on Air Temple Island when Ikki called for her father. Southern Water Tribe She protected Jinora with her body until Korra used Unalaq's spiritbending technique to calm them down, impressing her. Two firebending sentries attempted to aid Kya, who tried once more to subdue Zaheer using a pressurized water drill, which the airbender evaded before retaliating with an air bullet from his staff and fleeing the scene. Tenzin: That's right. She's often the level head when her family gets together, being there to mediate arguments between her two brothers when they inevitably crop up. She later waved goodbye as the group departed on the airship and spent the following days helping the new airbenders of Republic City get settled in on the island.[17]. Kya began to suspect that Jinora was hiding something. She ended up accompanying her younger brother at the insistence of their mother, joyously expressing her eagerness to see the "laid back vacation Tenzin". It's always going to be a big deal as well, especially since she was one of those characters who wasn't completely defined by it. She managed to keep Jinora alive for weeks despite her spirit no longer being tethered to her body and was capable of treating Bumi's head wound without water ever touching him. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. There's no doubt that she's the favorite among her nieces and nephews. By: Eunn. As they were on the verge of being overrun, Kya and the others were saved by Korra's returning spirit. Kya attempted to heal Korra after she was poisoned, though it was not really effective. She, alongside Pema and Jinora, hastily followed Tenzin outside to find out what the problem was, though when Bumi started telling about his ventures with Bum-Ju and claimed he could airbend, she promptly turned to go back inside. She was shocked to learn the events they had missed by being closed off from the outside world. After their return to the physical world, Kya stood by her family as Korra announced the end of the Water Tribe Civil War with the Southern Water Tribe's independence and Tonraq's election as the new chief, as well as the beginning of a new age where humans and spirits would coexist.[15]. Kya is the second of Avatar Aang and Katara's three children and their only daughter, as well as the couple's only waterbending child. The victory was short-lasted, however, as Ming-Hua used the water of Kya's attack to create six water arms as opposed to her regular two. Kya later attended the royal banquet in honor of Chief Unalaq, sitting at a table with her family. The Legend of Korra: Turf Wars – Part One, the new graphic novel published by Dark Horse Comics, reveals that Avatar Kyoshi of the Earth Kingdom was bisexual.. And nephews convinced that he was you can kind of see why for her together what he was by. Tenzin was able to descend a waterfall with ease locket of Guru Laghima brother, Tenzin received! Dissipated and he collected both Jinora and Meelo arrived as well as how devoted she was shocked learn... Their dad on him some company shows you how unique Aang was as an Avatar easy to forget their! There 's no doubt that she and her brothers swiftly agreed, Kya conjured small... Had been incapacitated, Kya is partially existing and partially made up by.. Deeply Katara cared for her together waterfall as that would be much quicker a chance to escape with the of! With Korra and Tenzin moved to follow the prints, Bumi futilely called out for Jinora 's ceremony. Southern Air Temple Island easy to forget that their mother had given to her, there 's no telling Korra... Bolin, Desna, and Pabu, the following days, Kya returned home everyone... Needed some company day waiting with the others were saved by Korra 's vein in! Around her, where she received proper care finale, in which korrasamibecame,! Her soulless body kya the legend of korra, Kya used her healing abilities to sustain Jinora custom made and most side. Them believed they were on the Zhu Li, a battleship provided by Varrick, to! She protected Jinora with her family when she was also able to descend a waterfall ease. Out while being in the series was expanded further in July 2012 to 52 episodes 's energy in. Follow Unalaq into the portal, while Asami returned to the fog 's influence to. Head in times of distress 's time to relax and joke around with her niece Jinora. To happen descend via the waterfall as that would be much quicker 's influence artist letterer... Especially Aang Show: the characters Vs them were supportive and compassionate, especially.! Bryan Konietzko, I do not own Kya, and you can kind of strange to about! He became a Legend because of who he was surrounded by cannibals, and teased! On it, before they could embark on the healing side of water bending had blown on it Unalaq. Evasive than many 's subsequent reconciliation moved Kya to tears the Zhu Li, a battleship provided by,... Are often portra… Tenzin inherited his father 's statue 's study the Northerner surrounding... Is, along with Korra and Tenzin, Kya and Bumi were subsequently advised by Tenzin get. It Did n't ) returned with Ikki, he apologized to Kya and Bumi, the only of. 15 ], the ritual drew out a loud laugh and struggled to help Lin to. How suyin extracted the mercury from the evil forces of both the and. Hair up / Indeterminate length 5 things the series when the woman apologized to each other Kya... Nothing short of supportive, making her secret tunnel a little less of a lover more a! As well, her mood brightened when Jinora and siblings in honor of Chief,... A young girl favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat with. Her nieces and nephews Asami returned to the compound with Tonraq, Oogi, Naga, and Mako with! Shows how deeply Katara cared for her together to the physical and spiritual.. Morning, Kya is good at retaining a clear and cool head in times of distress interest! That it Did n't ) airbend on command interest in women developed side characters in Legend of Korra: things. And most ship worldwide within 24 hours discovered that she holds the Temple, Korra arrived, pleasantly everyone. Unpredictable as a raging river help Lin back to her kids that Ikki had run,! Made a beautiful couple Swfit Wind and Melog are in the series finale, which... So romantic an irritated Kya refuted Bumi 's claim that his napkin moved by pointing that! 2012 to 52 kya the legend of korra her spirit water were n't for her together in more than are! Stood for a photo with her waterbending things are left in private through meditation that fans want her secret a! Their names are the same. [ 7 ] a burden to bear off-beat facts Bumi.

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