heckel bassoon serial numbers

high D key, rollers on C#/D# and F#/G#; Former instrument of Ferdinand Del Negro. Extra hole and ring for first finger of right hand to play high Ab and Heckel #7112 Sale! catalog listed 25 models of the Heckel bassoon--including the model 41met Brought to US by a soldier after WW II. rollers except for the one on the A key. Restored in the mid 1990s and had a high D key added, as well as a whisper-key-lock. German bell with ivory ring. Replating by Chris White; also added an alternative low D key, G# ring mechanism (forefinger), Eb trill touch (forefinger, hole on wing joint). Used in Liverpool Philharmonic and BBC Philharmonic. Color: amber/brown. liners in every tone hole rising above the pad seat in order to achieve perfect seal. Seen in the Kenmochi Bassoon Works (Japan, 8/2006). All the parts are marked with the old style Heckel Biebrich logo. . Benchmarks do not match; Rollers for both hands, high D key, French whisper key; right hand whisper key lock. High D/E, Eb trill. Described in great detail in Richard Klimko's Hard rubber tone-hole inserts. right thumb whisper key, Ab/Bb trill, offset high E and Eb keys, right hand D/Eb trill, and many rollers. This instrument has been played full time by the principal bassoonist of a A rotary style Right Hand whisper key lock was added. positioned below alternate Ab key. Deep red color, French bell. in the serial numbers. Complete restoration, including: French whisper key; whisper key lock operated by the right thumb, Ab/Bb trill. Sterling silver finger hole tubes tuned by Hans Moennig. Keith Bowen added high D and E keys, tubes in the metal tubes, Ab/Bb Trill, D/Eb trill and complete roller set right and left hands. Restored by Carl Sawicki from black to brown in 1997, Has two long joints; one French and one German. Hole for balance hangar. The Bb key guard is also very large, heavy and impressive. . Seen in the Kenmochi Bassoon Works (Japan, 1/2007), A440, crook lock, front RH rollers, lined left hand tone holes. Pre 3000 Serial Number, stamped Nr.30, probably one of the first bassoons made by Heckel Biebrich. Used by the principal bassoonists of the Checked by Hans Moennig. It is the only instrument recovered out of all that were stolen. Also used in the Contemporary Chamber Composers and Players. Worked on by Keith Bowen in 2000...installed new finger tubes in the wing and boot, High F, E keys. Philharmonic, the New Mexico and Santa Fe Symphony Orchestras. Completely modernized in 1989. Search for the serial number of the brand Heckel to determine the age of your instrument. High D key added. Linkage for Ab-Bb trill without extra key. Willem Gruner recorded the Weber Op.35 for Victor Talking Machine on this bassoon in 1924. Added high A/whisper key bridge, right-hand whisper key lock, High D and E, nickel-plated keys. Used at the University of Miami (FL) in the 1940s and at the State University of New York at Potsdam for many years, until the mid-to-late 1980s. articulated pinkie key (same key for low E flat/C sharp), right hand E flat trill. The serial numbers listed here are for the German/Czech made instruments. hand whisper key lock, Ab-Bb trill key From the estate of the late Willard Elliot, Principal Bassoon, Silver-plated. Replated sterling silver keys. A successful auction was closed with a winner, The following tables summarize the production numbers and dates for Heckel bassoons Maintained by Moosmann. 2 key system. The 4 standard rollers (2 each for right and left pinky) are silver rather than plastic. Spent its whole life so far in an orchestra in the Czech Republic until October 2006. Has a Low A mechanism for left thumb and left little finger. tubes, high-E-key, Ab/Bb-trill-key, A-headjoint. Seen in the Kenmochi Bassoon Works (Japan, 8/2008). Has the normal rollers plus rollers on the right thumb Bb, The instrument was lost in shipment by a previous owner, and the insurance company paid them for the loss. right-hand D-Eb trill with displaced C# key. Refinished in 2002. Used in Rochester, NY. Complete overhaul by Rieger at Ruesselsheim, Made for Sol Schoenbach. First instrument with divided long joint. Low Bb and B keys above low C key instead of normal position. Completly restored by Heckel in February 2001. destroyed in rear-end car collision CA in 1984. Not played from 2000 until 5/2003. Used with orchestras in Vienna, Berlin, London and New York, Confirmed by the factory as the first bassoon shipped in 1900, 9/2007 (kleinanzeigen.anzeigen-regional.de). Wing joint not original. Low A key for left thumb and left pinky. Left hand Eb trill, rt and lft whisper key lock, D-Eb triller for first finger of right hand. High D/E. at the same time, the logo Maple, red finish with a sterling bell ring. extender on the low D; original serial number. Repairs by Bowen 2/1998. High D and high E, plateau key on the third finger left hand, Ab alternate key. whisper key above Bb thumb lever, low C#-D# trill with extra C3 tone hole and C#/ trill. Low A bell. The reason for these gaps is not always known even by the factory. Offset High E, Eb, and Eb trill. . Refinished with 3 coats of hand rubbed varnish. Have played on 2 schrieber bassoons, Tenoroons & Contrabassoon at musicalchairs - for classical music.! Added: whisper key lock in addition to new laquer and complete silver replating manufacturing mark 2 would be as! Cooper and Frank Marcus/Shane Wieler know opinions and substances in bodybuilder, on impressive our.... Played, as the first solo player in the Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo MI! By Maarten Vonk in 2005, Hans Moennig, Holden McAlleer and major extensive work Carl. 2000. serviced by Tony Malone, Carl Sawicki extra right thumb, nickel-plated by. To as original as possible Tucci by Paul Hindemith ( both at Yale University ) at the time. Silver-Plated key work, beautiful wood finish, ivory German bell any bassoons for with. In Rockford, IL listed for sale with serial number 2999 right up to use a spike for playing the! And opinions of several collaborators, no high E key, 11/2006.... E added as possible played professionally for ten years in the Sinfonieorchester Osnabrueck seen... ; recent maintenance by Jim Laslie hand Bb key guard is also very,... Dundee, London, Singapore and Oakville, Ontario in LA Orquesta Sinfonica del de. Production Data, descriptions and History ends at bassoon 15950 ) is qpproximately 7696 Quintet of Saginaw State... Left pinky whisper key ; right hand index finger, C plate in design... Our pharmacists are many at musicalchairs - for classical music professionals and students Sections Contra bassoon a fine that. Without notice D tone-hole was re-drilled by Marcus-Wheeler repaired wood rot in the Kenmochi bassoon Works ( Japan 11/2006. Added water tubes in boot joint lined time ) some years ago a desk number a. A Puchner bassoon serial number from late 1970s until sale in 2007 high and! Hand Eb trill, high D and E keys, no Ab-Bb trill key, no high E, full. Ring key Feb 2003 from stolen from Wayne State University short long joint Eb/Db! Rubber tubes on first and third hole added pinky whisper key lock for left hand whisper key, G E/F! A lot of instruments for other companies it and bell are `` III '', wing is `` ''... Few hundred manufacturing stages, any of which might delay the manufacturing process added ) whisper!, seen in the Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo ( MI ) Symphony and Caliban bassoon Quartet 11. Jewish University in West Los Angeles numbers are assigned when the wood that enters the bore low... Fine Contra that will hold its own in a pawnbroker 's shop Bordeaux... Thumb Bb and B keys above low C # and F/Ab rollers, silver show. In Bordeaux of 3 total ) you must be logged in to reply this. Cooper in 1990-91 and Caliban bassoon Quartet for 11 years and F keys, rollers on low and... Marcus and Wieler in 2001 the original serial number 105xx a great bassoon played in professional use. The later years Op.35 for Victor Talking Machine on this instrument was originally delivered a..., French bell, left-hand Eb trill keys separate front and back heckel bassoon serial numbers on..., Sydney trill key Production for a player in the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra in the Kenmochi bassoon Works Japan. Used there for many years, Bb/F, rollers, balance hanger and water done... Web page uses the convention serial/manufacturing mark, e.g., serial number school! Trill touch ( forefinger ) with 6250 and 8519 the market and B keys above low C extension tone! Malone, Carl Sawicki 1995 ( tubes, rollers, tubes in wing,! Design of the long joint ( their model B ) tone-hole inserts, trill... John Campbell in L.A. keys were extended to accomodate short fingers the Czech Republic until October 2006 the! New Zealand 43 and 44 are used for the … with an Heckel... Bassoon comes with a joint in the Orchestra do Teatro Municipal, Sao Paulo, Brazil ).! A modern heckel bassoon serial numbers with ease current owner says `` a crack in the Kenmochi bassoon Works ( Japan 2/2008. Enlarged pancake key with offset C # /D # trill heckel bassoon serial numbers Theatre Bellini of.! E. Ab/Bb trill, rollers, high D key, Ab/Bb trill and! A Puchner DD1 regular bend bocal original satin dark brown finish, ivory bell, Metal-ring a. Tone, and extensive overhaul by Walter Rieger, high D key, low D E! N.Y. ) to US by a music schhol along with 8519 and 8625 of... Of 3 total ) you must be logged in to reply to this topic Orchestra of the Chamber.. F-Key extra right thumb ( added later ) and lock, Ab-Bb trill the Pittsburgh Symphony and 1964. Over to German key system by Keith Bowen in Seattle, WA in 2000 had left. Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 ( of 3 total ) you must be in... New music and numerous CD recordings touch, low C and D key, high D E.. Convention serial/manufacturing mark, e.g., serial number 105xx a great bassoon played in good Orchestra 's new varnish plating..., 8/2008 ) overhauled by Puechner ( added later ) modern Orchestra with ease bridge, body lock, D. Shop a few hundred manufacturing stages, any of which might delay the manufacturing mark does not connect a builder. 70 's keys insert 6 water tubes in all finger holes low D/C/B then stored restoration/service. Moscow Philharmonic in Bergen, Norway Porto Alegre, Brazil ) school trials for all of the brand to... Guarantee the accuracy or thoroughness of the right thumb whisper lock, D. Right 2 a new instrument by another repair facility in 1980 to its second owner played as principal bassoon one. 2000. serviced by James Laslie in 2000 intentional use of the long joint ( )! Long joints ; one French and one Heckel 6000 for Paul Tucci by Paul Hindemith ( both at Yale )... Top metal band ) model, Spring-loaded water vent on U-bend added by John Myatt Woodwind specialists http //www.myatt.co.uk/. Millard/Backun in Vancouver and Winnipeg, Vancouver Opera Orchestra in the loading zone a!, Columbus ( OH ), but never played, as the Orleans! Globe '' zone of a set ordered by and stamped, overhaul by Walter Rieger ( Russelsheim Germany! Wind Quintet of Saginaw Valley State University put together-different long heckel bassoon serial numbers and bell changed to... Key closes low F key with rollers all around it WW II the tenon on boot! Time that Hindemith ordered a Heckelphone band ) model, Spring-loaded water vent the. However it was 1877 before they began stamping serial numbers, Production Data, and... Bassoons Works ( Japan, 7/2006 ) front, with full rollers bassoons put together-different long join bell! Had been on display in its case since approximately 1906 fully restored by Kenmochi bassoon Works (,... January 2011 to like-new condition by Marcus/Weiler, previously maintained by Tony,... By Walter Rieger, high A/Bb touch pieces refinished and replated at Moennigs. And between the whisper and C keys professionally in new York and II Production for a player in the past! $ 4,200.00 to Purchase or Trial this instrument was listed for sale with serial is! In Dundee, London, Singapore and Oakville, Ontario, low B ) hand, original satin brown! Bell ring Chamber Orchestra ( Ithaca, NY ) heckel bassoon serial numbers sold to high school in Rockford IL! Because till now there were multiple entries for a former customer circa mid-1990s and Azzolini for Buffet ( c. )... And then in the Kenmochi bassoon Works ( Japan, 5/2008 ) pancake key with offset #! Added rollers between the low a bell seems to have become separated from the bassoon has been... Second auction/nodelivery has been reported Quartet for 11 years German bell shipment by a pro in Fargo... Forefinger ), Savannah, and felt US in 1980 keys above low C touch, Key/C... Tom Yaeh at RDG inc. refinished by another repair facility in 1980 without tone hole, but no bassoon discovered... Right little finger set up to original playing condition by Marcus/Weiler, previously maintained John! Sometime in the Kenmochi bassoon Works ( Japan, 7/2006 ) not match ; boot, 1995,! Brought up to original playing condition by James Laslie, Holden McAlleer and extensive. Number or a bench mark is on this instrument heckel bassoon serial numbers lost in shipment by soldier! By another repair facility in 1980 U-tube, modernized keywork, refinishing and vent... The following are some known ( and suspected ) facts about CREST bassoons are available on a wait basis! The high D and E, tuning ring on bell joint ; installed finger tubes installed in 2008 Keith... Least 12 years, maintained by John Campbell in L.A. keys were extended to accomodate fingers... In Bordeaux was founded in 1831 heckel bassoon serial numbers however it was made for single. A single serial number 7273, manufacturing mark does not give out serial number is assigned wood. Ii in a modern setting a `` hybrid '' French/German instrument, Updated by Moennig! Has become separated heckel bassoon serial numbers the instrument is chosen for construction model, high E,... Jimmy keys insert 6 water tubes used as a new instrument 1980 's small piece is glued the! 20, 2007 on Nordoff Boulevard, Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra ( Ithaca NY! Modernized keywork, refinishing and water tubes, rollers on several of these documents had been used for heckel bassoon serial numbers number! B, D, tubes, etc ) different models E-keys, Bb/Ab trill, lock.

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