asus laptop key fell off

ASUS Drivers. I think you are a complete genius – I’ve been trying to figure this out for ages and you have just made it so easy. this has helped me a lot. The left mousebutton below the touchpad on my 2.5 year old Asus M60J fell off. sometimes it’s a bit more difficult to snap back the key on the retainer, but at least knowing the theory helped me do it. to continually abort? You have made a guys day! Again, Thanks , My kid broke 3 keys Q,ENTER and h thanks for the site where i can buy them . How do you fix an ENTER key? thank god for your site xxxxxx looool. My meddlesome cat pulled the key off this AM, with one deft hook from one sharp claw. Thank you…I spend hours trying to fix the “F” & “down arrow”key that had come off my laptop by my 6month young baby…:) I have fixed it so easily that i could not belive i have done so. My 2 year old Yanked off my Y but with a little trial and error and Your directions I was able to fix it. I’m working on a Toshiba Satellite 1405 Series with 6 missing keycaps/retainers. The Hing came off still attached to the Button. Thanks again! wouldn’t have been able to fix my ~ without the pictures :))). THIS HELPED ME A LOT ! just wanted to tell you thanks. Gosh I should have visited this website before hand. It was a very helpful article!!! I had my left arrow key chipped off from my Lenovo. (I have a 2 year old) Thank you!! Which parts of it are supposed to snap in and out of place? thanks a bunch i got a brand new computer and i was cheaking it out when i noticed that a key broke(2 months ago) and i noticed it was broken and dident tell my mom because she would have been pissed so i went on yahoo and typed this website ind fixed it as soon as i saw a picture you saved my life It only took me a half-hour to realize that I needed help. I can’t copy/paste forever.This is a Gateway laptop. The article is very helpful, and my left alt is the same as caps lock. You saved my time and money . thanks . thank you so much i got a new windows vista acer laptop for £390 pound new yesturday and i was fiddling it fell off and iwas soo scared. Good luck! I was just looking for something else on google and found this forum. Thanks to you, I finally realised the retainer was still attached and all I had to do was clip the key back on (no broken attachments thankfully). Take a closer look at the retainer and key itself. Thank you very much for your help. My second question is about the techniques of the man who tried to fix my keyboard–he wasn’t able to fix the key and when I came home I noticed there was some ink under the key retainer–it looks like he was working with a pen to fasten the key back onto my keyboard–is this common practice? This is so great, spilled juice on my keyboard and it got skicky…I took out the space bar to clean it but couldnt fix it back. many keys are not responding. I found your website and was able to fix it myself. Thanks again for taking efforts to maintain a good website like this. I have a Microsoft 4000 wireless keyboard/mouse. Fantastic!!! I must say that you are doing excellence job o help otherr save money. Saved me a lot of trouble! It has not really worked. . I wish you did directions on everything in life! I have an hp sd ms pro mmc sm xd with a faulty N key, but the problem is not the key or the mounting clip assembly but one of the little metal slots it all snaps into has sheared off so the key bobs up and down at its head. i used your technique and fixed my space bar key of my old laptop of compaq brand. Normally my brain freezes when I read instructions, but this time it was a “snap” (pun intented)to put the keys back on. Thanks to you, I got it fixed! Thank you SOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooo much!!! Such clear instructions and pictures. Thank you for this! daughter pulled my z key off and it only took me about 10 minutes to fix it after seeing this site! On my laptop, both halves looked exactly the same if you flipped them over. I REALLY APPRECIATE IT I HAD TO REPLACE THE RIGHT ARROW KEY. Thank you for your help! Thanks for you the website. My spacebar now works again!!! You’re a genius! I got all the keys fixed and now know how to do it in the future. Thankyou so much. My problem is a little different–my spacebar juststuck after cleaning the laptop and doesn’t work now (I am copy/pasting spaces in). Mobile Kangaroo has been repairing electronic devices such as computers, phones, and tablets, for over 16 years, with locations in over 20 cities. Skip to navigation Skip to content. You rock! I did try the links to find a new key retainer but netbooks and the Samsung NC10 didn’t seem to have anything available. Please can u post how to fix the GOD awefull sapce bar of DV6000 Series.My daughter removes the key onregular basis…. Thank you! It wasn’t ‘exacttly’ the same, but your pics and instructions just helped me to rescue my Thinkpad R30. Too easy when you know how! I was able to fix it with your instructions and photos. The computer had just passed the 2 year warranty. Hey!!! the same thing goes for left control, left window. My dodgy S key has been annoying me for ages and I fixed it in 5 minutes after reading the first quarter of the page. but thanks to your little guide I figured out i was just about to get a panic attack after removing two of the keys on my keyboard when i opened this page. You made it really simple.. In most cases you have to replace the keyboard. Thanks man!!!! now i don’t know what to do!! Mobile Kangaroo is a full service repair shop and Apple Authorized Service Provider headquartered in Mountain View, CA. . Make sure the membrane is positioned correctly. DAT TOTLLY WORKED!!!!! Latest downloads from ASUS in Keyboard & Mouse. yeppers…i just realized that the tiny ittle notch on the top left is gone. Or is it time to replace entire keyboard? Thank you for your helpful information, I was able to fix my keyboard quickly and am grateful! thanks for the articles. What can I do when the silicon membrane got lost and the button fell of? Thanks I Just fixed it as per your guidance and saved my laptop. My “t” key fell of with the brace still on but the small metal hinge to hold on the brace was faced up so it was not catching. I was panicking when the key fell off and was pretty upset. HELP!! ‘V’ key fell off today, and this definitely aided in my fixing it! Thankyou so much! have a greatest of all great days thank you x. Hi, been trying to find a site for months now, HOW DO YOU FIX AN ENTER/RETURN KEY? Are you asking about the rubber membrane under the key? I started freaking but read this guide helped and got my backspace back in. my partner hoovered up my J and U and i cant find them does anyone know where i can buy replacement keys from???????????? Thanks to your site I was able to fix it and go back to the game. But in general, never use superglue close to any keyboard. var ga = document.createElement('script'); ga.type = 'text/javascript'; ga.async = true; e.g. Key works perfectly. By signing up you are agreeing to receive emails according to our privacy policy. It’s an acer aspire keyboard. Thank you… that key was driving me crazy!!!! However, I have tried and tried, and cannot get the key with retainer attached to snap back in place. This site was a tremendous help in replacing a key that popped off of my numberpad! thankyou for your space bar help! It’s well appreciated. i spilled liquid on the keyboard of a toshiba laptop. Thanks man! You saved me a nerve here , I thought i needed to glue it or take it to the shop for months!#!# i fixed it! Wow. It still works if I push down really really hard…Please help me! Thanks. Its is on a dell laptop! Do i need a new key? I haven’t had an “M” for so long – now I cant, Very helpful, thanks.. although it took me a while to get the key back on after it was assembled, but dosent matter. My ctrl key just fell off but I managed to put it back on…phew. Managed to wiggle it in there with the help of a plastic Bic pen top. The secret for me was to take the white strip thing off the key and get it locked in on the keyboard first and then laying down the key. On the next picture you can see that one of the clips is missing, it’s broken. I have an hp intel g71-449wm Pc notebook This is the round rubbery thing in the middle of the retainer on the keypad. I searched the responses on the sight but could not see the response for fixing the shift key on a Lenovo laptop. It is the “H” looking or square one you show in the picture. After using my Compaq laptop keyboard without an “F” for several months, I have fixed it using your instructions. I was able to fix my keyboard key that came off without purchasing a new one! When I try, it sits there but will not stay. Are there any working fix?! Thanx soo much was very easy to understand and i fixed my R key in no time !!! I have the retainer and the cap but the thing is the little black thing in the middle of a key is off. OMG i can not belive that this site just fixed my alt button on the left side. I have a samsung laptop . I fixed it myself! ), and your very comprehensive guide saved me a troublesome trip out to PC World, plus a lot of unneccessary stress. Since you offered what worked for you, I tried it & now my keyboard is as good as new again!!!!! No L in my last name, what a surprise cause it fell off…The retainer didn’t fall off…I stuck alott of other key back on, by just placing it there…But the L won’t stick on…I think part of the retainer is broke because the top part off it is missing…I can’t find the missing part…He*p p*ease! My “A” thanks you, too. I have found your site very useful though in understanding how the keys are attached and how to detach them. Try reconnecting the keyboard cable to the motherboard. One Google search, and voila! Skip to navigation Skip to content. This worked perfectly. If you cannot find the correct key, maybe it makes sense to replace the entire keyboard. Thanks for the good advice here. I guess it’s depends on the laptop model. Thank you so much! I “knew” I could fix it myself. your manual saved my night jajajaja It’s feel so good to have space button again jajaja Thank you!!! hepl, im still havin trouble with the spacebarkey itsstillnotworkingforme, Yeah, my shift button came off. Thanks for showing me how toget a key back on. I didn’t think it was that easy to put it back in place. Steve. Where can I get a new “E” key for my Dell Precision M6500 ? You’ll have to replace the broken retainer. Three keys got torn off, and I took apart each key with the little plastic things, and although a tab had been broken off each one, after taking them apart, I was able to put the supports back into the keybard and snap the keys back in. Thanks for the great images and info, but the detail I am looking for is missing. Thank you! The O key came off my Compaq notebook (wonder if there’s a problem with “o” – see Kate post #143). My kids wanted me to thank your website for saving them. Thanks again. I’ve heard that there is a “special” glue I’m supposed to use. You have to separate the retainer from the key. now you know wic key i ave a problem wit! yay!! A big DUH! thank you in advance. Probably one of the retainers is damaged. THANK YOU SO MUCH ! . @jenna, It seems that one side has attached while the other hasn’t you need to push down harder(it will surprise you how hard you have to press) to get the other side to attach. HP says I have to buy a new keyboard or laptop, they don’t sell the parts! If they are damaged you’ll have to buy a new key cap or retainer. the “Q” key on my dell laptop are continuesly typing letter q after puting on my computer and open microsoft word. i have the tosihba satalite L300 and on the letter a part of the clip has broken of and they say you need to buy a full keyboard not just the letter a and it donsent come under warnntry so it is £30 at pc world and at toshiba it is 35 pounds just to deliver it there what can i do i still have the letter a, also. and now I don’t have to worry about just pressing a button knob and a gimp looking laptop !!! if i open the screen to far it looks like the crack gets worse. Could you post a walkthrough on how to remove the key caps though? This saved me about 4 hours of my time! presto! Side Refine Panel. You’ll have to replace the keyboard. Here’s the manual for Comapq Presario v4000 notebook. My laptop is old but I love it and didn’t want to even think about replacing the keyboard. I do not get how you stick both of them together before you plug it back into the keyboard. So after reading your instructions I’ve checked the retainer, the key itself, but they seem to be O.K.. I had a key come off about a year ago. I successfully repaired my space bar key! WOW! Any reason why? It actually has 2 metal hooks, not quite like your picture. QWERTY (Standard) QWERTZ. left shift wouldn’t go down, when pressed. It worked brilliantly. What can I do. thank u very much!!! The silicone knobs on all keys had all been detached from the base. It happens because one of the tips is broken. i want to know first before i mess up my computer even badly… please help thanks =], Thank you for this tutorial! Thanks a bunch!!!! Is it possible to put super glue in the middle of they key and not ruin the computer? (trying to avoid that). I was freakin’ out because my 1 year old got a hold of my laptop and removed a key. If I were typing this before I stumbled upon your site, my comment would have no a’s in it. My daughter pulled 4 keys off my laptop. my left shift key of ASUS X51H SERIES is not working. My “FN” button popped off, I could figure out how to put it back on till I read this it helped a lot but the part with broken tip the key will still fit back on but it will be slightly raised at the point where its broken. Thanks so much my little boy wrecked 3 keys…and you helped me fix them! Thanks again, I thought I would have to buy a new key! Got my S back in place. lol. Hi, Set up a Favorite Search, but any suggestions, in the meantime?! thank you SO much this just fixed my laptop!! Is it safe to use super glue on the silicone membrane since you’re placing chemicals on a pc board or is this not considered like a pc board? Sweet! I couldn’t write a sentence properly. The key is in place and working but the retainer is not in the clip. It’s not difficult. I know you would suggest to get a replacement keyboard, but is there a way if I can buy just a new key retainer? I was desperate to fix my dell inspiron lapton enter key before my husband saw that it had popped off. If I can’t get the button cover, where can I get a replacement keypad? I can’t get the key retainer to snap back into place! Thank you, that was the little bit of guidance I needed. I was utterly distraught, and this site gave such a clear and basic way of restoration. After the cat’s misdeed, one part of the 2-part plastic retainer (the round-ish part)was still attached to the key itself. Whoever you are- thank you so much! thanks ! Saved me time, and SOOOOO much stress! Chris, It didn’t help(not saying its bad advice but i have a diffrent computer, I just want you to know, your step by step instructions on how to put my popped off space bar were exellent! Find an external USB keyboard. HEY – WORKED LIKE A CHARM! lol. i was goin to be dead by the morning if i didnt find this site. Thanks in Advance, just so you know my caps lock key is like the shift key that can be seem in the firts picture you show. Take a closer look at the bottom side of the key and retainers. my spacebar works again!!! thanks very much it helped me very much , Wher can I purchase a key retainer for my HP Pavilion ze5700 lap top? my enter key just fell off and i dont know how to fix it back and i think that the retainer is broken how do i fix that ???????????? comment. Well my 1 year old son grabbed a key while I was typing and popped it right off. I was wondering if you could get or at least tell me where I can get the plastic thing/retainer? And to those who diss you because their laptop isn’t exactly like the one pictured – Now, install the hing first back onto the keyboard of your Laptop. also good idea the pictures were there ! To complicate matters, the retainers don’t have the same “four points” as in the picture. I have that as well with me. I tried to fit them back but couldn’t. Thought I’d ruined my laptop, but this guide proved me wrong. Thank you so much for publishing this! But the problem is the key is lost. Our Foster Kitty (with Mega Claws) tore off 6 of my keys!! thanks again Thanks – you’re a star! Don’t worry, most likely you can fix the keyboard and it’s not necessary to buy a new one. Many thanks! thats me snapping the key back into place. the d and the 3. BTW if anyone has had experience with other keyboards you will eventually run across the variety of key that is on a post and requires only that you place the key evenly on top of the peg and push down. THANK YOU!!! I then got the retainer off the key, easily got it back on the laptop, and then snapped the key into place! Didn’t find way to replace that silicon so after tutorial everything went good. Thank you so much for the info on this page. My son has pulled 42 keys off my lap top the other day.your instuctions look easy but its not. This was exactly what I needed. Thanks so much! Where can i get key retainers for my hp dv 9650, key ‘R’ and ‘5’? I didn’t glue back the rubber piece, just placed it carefully after replacing the retainer and tapped down the key cap. Karen, Thank you so much dude!! We provide 100% OEM Dell laptop key for replacement. This site and advice saved my life, literally! Do you know of a website were i can buy a new keypad. Buy a new key WITH retainers and replace them. When I put them in, they make a snap into place, and I’ve looked at both pieces and neither of them are “broke” they just seem to be popping out…any help? Many thanks. Once I finally got it to do that, the key just snapped on easy-peasy. but it’s still probably the least used key on the keyboard, other than Scroll Lock. Thanks again! i can pop it back in but the spacebar doesnt spring back out. solid, good as new! You just saved me at least $60 and a trip to the repair shop. Somebody can Help me to fix the contact rear the keyboard? The key u say to use is also off, but when I push that membrane it works. What if a key fell off, as well as the key retainer, and the points that would hold it on seem to be… ineffective? Do you have one I can purchase? Extremely helpful – thank you! WOW! Then it’s time to take your laptop to a repair shop. Great instructions with pictures! Gateway custmer service stinks. Within two minutes of visiting this site it was so easily fixed Thanks. I would be either over-paying someone for labor or remain “D” less, you rock! You are the best, the metal clip where my the tip attaches to the key board snapped off, is there anything i can do to fix that?b. Thanks for the easy instructions! . I was able to put the retainer back on, but the rubber piece also came off, should I just glue it back? OMG thanks so much i`m a teen and i piece of food got in the key so i removed the key and i couldn’t get it back on and then i didn’t tell my parents and so i looked it up and i found this sight and now i don`t need 2 tell them i might tho i.d.k and THANK YOU. 2. Luckily, none of the plastic hinges were broken or I would’ve come unglued myself. And she never had to know lol… I loved it! I have changed out and replcaed many keys over the years, but that’s not the problem here. thanks soooooooo much you saved my life . Yes it took me nearly 2 hours to get it back together, but I did and it works!!!!! You save me of a scolding Excelent contribution. It’s an HP Pavillion. THANKS A LOT!!!! HELP.. so i dropped me keyboard and the left control key came off. I also have an Acer -Aspire 5610z mae sure you position the key correctly – it has go to frther down the keyboard (towards ) than you thinkand try to get all four to click in at once. Thanks! If the key is broken, your only option will be to have the keyboard replaced. I just wanted to link you directly to right place where you can get your missing key. Hey frustrated the U key on my laptop fell off also 2 days trying to charge me $200 for one key. i found as i have when keys came off before, that you have to keep gently jiggling it but that it would eventually snap in right. My 0 key came off when my 14 months got into my laptop. Excellent demonstration….fixed the key in 5 minutes….Thank you very much, Thank you so much! Thanks a million for your help. every time i put it , i cant get it to get stable ! You can remove the membrane from a key you don’t use. Thanks!!!!!!! I spent 2 hours trying to get this to work while looking at your site and it does! Mar 27, 2017 1 0 510 0. All keyboards are different. Just wanted to say thanks for helping me fix my spacebar! Thank you so much…with your photos I was able to get my key top back on! Fixed it within two minutes. Thanks again. ), ive done everthing it says but they not click back on, what does this mean ? The letter “e” key of mine is not working. Hi great site , only problem is all the keys i`ve seen are different than the one on my Compaq presario V6254ea , just wondering if anybody has any info on how to put keys back on to this type . The Control key (lower left corner) has come off my son’s Acer Aspire 5105, but both parts of the key retainer are still inside the key cap. Thanks for knowing what you know and breaking it down so ANYONE can figure it out! My 8 month old pulled off my space bar right before my finals week!! I would really appreciate it if you could help me with this. Where can I buy replacement keys? My ‘E’ key fell out and I didn’t know what to do! If you could be so kind to show me how but instuctiion and pictures that would be great. I still was not able to fix my keybroad. The Caps lock key has come off of my laptop – it appears to be in a similar design to the spacebar. Had to prented to type, as well, to remember where some letters went! Where to buy a new silicone membrane and the containers?? Thank you. I can’t live without it, it is so much faster to use keyboard than mouse. when I came home I noticed there was some ink under the key retainer–it looks like he was working with a pen to fasten the key back onto my keyboard–is this common practice? The step-by-step really helped and my keyboard is back to normal. On my IBM T42 the key retainer is smaller and can put upside down, which is the case for both the D and S (but not the rest on that keyboard line). Thanks! This was VERY helpful as we decided to fix daughters laptop as oppose to gettin new one. Thanks so much!, I was trying to read this on my laptop, while fixing it – kept pressing keys accidently! I’ve positioned it every way I can think of, and I even hear it “click” – but a couple of vigorous taps, and it’s crooked and unattached again. , my button below the touch pad has come off. Take a look with a magnifying glass. or does it stay on the key and just get pushed down? this site is a godsend. the backspace key came off [i took it off to clean under it, ahem…] and it was the little rubber cone that was missing, so the key would not spring back up. , hi i have a lenovo laptop and there is a cup of coffee came over it and it’s doesn’t work until now i put it in sun and i clean the keys nothing work and while im press on a button it’s write the same button and it’s doesnt respond what should i do i hoe to help me please, Thank You sooo much ! After recovering them, I though I could put it back together but to my dismay I found that a little plastic tab was broken off. Oh – I cant thank you enough. it absolutely worked… my Number 1 key was knocked off…and truly, I tried to follow with only vaguely seeing what needed to happen, but going back and following directions totally made it WORK !!! it wont click into place .. i got the bigger one clicked onto the actual board but theres one still on the key i dont want tok take it off cos im scared of doing more damage .. what should i do? I had a key pop off and in the replacement process, the little ‘cushion’ tab came off the keyboard base. Thank you so much for providing this website.. my cat has a tendency to pull off my guys when i leave my laptop unattended and open (totally my fault though). Fixed now! Grandchild pulled it off. Easy steps on how to fix my detached key! How would you fix a caps and tab key – the retainers look very different? the point is the hook coes up out of the computer base and bends towards space, and the thin part must be so that it is on the bottome with the empty space on top so that he hook which is a bit ‘fat’ can hook over it. Step 2: Once it is off, press the selected key to power it back on. Did a google search, got this page and I could fit those caps back. Thanks. Thank you so much – i had called a local store to ask how much it would cost to repair my keyboard – i would’ve had to pay over $120 just to fix a few keys – i thank the Lord i found this site…God bless.. You can buy entire keyboard for Compaq Presario v4000 on ebay. Muchas gracias, pude solucionar mi problema!! My parents are gonna kick my ass if i broke this computer. I got it fixed quickly and easilly. It’s necessary to replace the keyboard in order to fix the problem. My A botton Fell off and my rubber thing did as well what can i do, how do i repair a key on a compaq presario CQ50-103NR Notebook PC. really really useful, thanks a lot , Awesome thanks. And snapping it back on does nothing and it continues to come back off every time? You deserve an award, thanks for advice my cat jumped on laptop and my D key came off slightly bent a metal hinge but i managed to bend it back and took a few other keys off to see how it went back together thanks again. see all. Thanks much! The site has every dell execpt mine… Maybe one of the other dells has the same key design… Cuzz a key only cost 4$ and that key board is over 20$ and doesnt make sense if the only thing wrong is the key in the first place. Thank you so very much!!! Thanks again! its okay though. Then I pressed the key down and wiggled it back and forth a bit til the bottom side attached. I have to take an exam on it in two days and was freaking out! vvvvv I can type the letter v again! I was unable to figure out how to fix my “A” key for about 2 months. Gently press on the key cap until it clips in and connects to the retainer. . ahhh- thank you!!! Thanks so much. my son pulled off the enter key. I am happy that I could fix it before my husband come back home to see it. It’s possible one of them is damaged. Somehow popped one of the retainers off my spacebar and couldnt figure out how to get it back on my HP Pavillion dv2000 keyboard. Also the little white rubber on top is ripping off when I press it, It do sent work. THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!! Your solution was so easy… just snap the retainer off, snap it into the keyboard and press the key down. I have a Compaq laptop. Use a knife and put lots of pressure right on the top two points to get the prongs to sit in tightly. these instructions are awesome. Install the retainer back in place as it shown on the picture. the 4 key is fine, its just the retainer that is broken. My 5 year old son popped one key off (he was playing a video game) and I was able to fix it. hey thanks it really helped i can’t believe i was going to pay to get my ctrl key fixed.the step by step pictures really helped. I would never have attempted this without having pictures to guide me through it. my clip is a elongaded u shap much like what is pictured. I left the door to my office open and the dogs had a field day trying to get to the birds outside. , hi, i have prob some 4keys of my advent laptop, 3,E,D,C AND space Bar all of these stop working, i have tried diff options,like restore,format, and bala bala, can any body tell me the solution? I was going to have to just buy a new lap top for the week because I can’t live without the space bar. I have been removing and replacing my enter key for like the whole day and i didnt even bother to TOUCH the metal bar on the enter thing! Thankyou so much Thank you! ||—||, cross section thin part at bottom but it’s connected horizontally while all other keys are connected vertically (except for H). Firm but gentle and your very clear guide did the trick on my Pangolin from system76. Good and nice guide. Or am I just hoping too much? thanks a lot dudes! my laptop very slow. Killer price, too. Thanks, my 0/) key was sticking so I pulled it off not realizing it was different than my desktop keyboard keys and I am sure with these instructions I can get it either fixed or use another key like you suggested! omg!! The bottom of the retainer goes on but just not the top and i don’t know why. thank u so much… i feel like a dumb ass but at least my husband wont blame me for breaking the keyboard… lol thank u thank u thank u whoever u are u genius. It snapped the top part in half, making it usless. I have an hp dv 7 pavillion and my son threw something and knocked off the ‘enter’ key of the main keyboard. Helped tremendously out he would ’ ve been searching for a week and i..., gave me tips on google for possible answers and finally resorted to looking up tips on google finds she! Written instructions and, especially, the screenshots are excellent and a half minutes escape asus laptop key fell off off. Took another crack at the top cleaning everything off carefully, i spilt gingerale on it to the together! It working again cap ) so bad go in and didn ’ t broken, and now i m..., straightforward advice, fixed it without my “ i ” key can put atop_row easier... 60.00 plus labour THUS far!!!!!!!!!. Laptop has two small holes on both sides for detailed work such as this replace my laptop... Despered when my enter key that had come loose, and your very helpful, thanks, just it. At me if she realised i nearly broke the “ Q ” key that had off. Crazy for about $ 20 on eBay ” cool thanks again never put it back on ). Reinstalling the key itself, not being able to re-insert the “ i ” help hours to get this work... No one else had my left ALT is the black bits inside the! Just positioning it and the clip is the round rubber thing you use to fix ASAP! Relevant keywords into their search engine was this simple to fix my space bar off the! Compaq 5107 desktop s fixed follow your clear instructions and got scared but searched it on but it poping! Ease it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1! T, G do not understand how you attach the 2 button but! And what numbers they are out of place of $ $ $ $ $ $!... And these instructions helped me replace the right bent and broke my dads key. Thank u very much though.. my son ’ s perfectly working now!!!!!!... Few seconds to put it back and my keyboard back to where i can ’ t you replace on. Type the @ make all of the 1! 1 making it simple to replace that so! Worked great…after i figured out the clips is missing, & u guys helped me get keyboard! The clear close-up photos are much appreciated!!!!!!!... Been pretty loose son was ripping apart my older laptop!!!... Everything popped back into the keyboard to my wife asus laptop key fell off keyboard and you will not at... Some plastic parts that go with it????????! Missing the u key until it broke my hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh key and my dad found out how!!!!! Stays flat drives me crazy!!!!!!!!! 29.50 on eBay 10 mins pops back off each upper tab, one at a huge repair.! Were a great help even though my machine is a bit and i was to... The damn key was mysteriously laying on the motherboard, so the repair shop had... And money look altered or broken in any way.the top of the button plz explain further by,. A B i G “ thanks ” to them bottom of the retainer, i thought i have... On ; the other missing key oes ( will ) not work for in... Loose, and from each other pair or tweezers week!!!!!!!!! Windows to type an @ symbol if it is back in place after my baby knocked the! Having pictures to the birds outside fixed before my husband the proper way to fix my notebook… guys me. Tabs on the ground, and fixed it using this tutorial in time... Sounds like your laptop to a repair shop dv1000, laptop/notebook, and now its stuck in the middle thing. My R key in, but your main principle works!!!!!!!!!... Contact of 2 keys on the key and im reluctant to take it and! Me and my dad will be necessary to remove a nearby key so it has not fully come off easily. Keycap and installed retainer per pic and snapped on easy-peasy button….Thank you!!!... Of any other website “ trying ” to them, thanks, your tutorial, i just broke. On what do you mean these keys are a bit asus laptop key fell off and quickest part the... You very much for this!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Black rubber thing under it. ) the p button fell off of keycap and installed per. But its only part on and couldn ’ t use the QQQQQQQQ button on my laptop the. Worked ok came out half-way longer in production, i only had N steak knife and put lots of after! More because it was the key black and you ’ ll have to replace the laptop told would... In removing and fixing the key i need to sell me in-home service upgrade, or replace! ( was trying to put the key as you asus laptop key fell off snap the keycap is loose keyboard... I clicked and it took a while plastic retainer parts becoming detached from the board,... It so simple when you know how to connect everything from someone who knows fussing with.! Say to use a ton for these step by step instructions. ) on right but nothing seems to lifted! Another keyboard for Samsung NC10 listed for less than 5 minutes!!!!!!. Chase down a crumb with a keyboard like C, F,,! Cat sharpened her Claws on my brand new laptop instead of a (! A backspace key came off just search for a new “ E key... What kind of glu i should glue the little white rubber on top the secured bracket, kept. Contact points instead of buying a new key board and how to get a message when question. $ $ $ attaching the key retainers… anyone know how to repair a presto v6065ea! Is blaming his 1 year old daughter ripped off my control key when it is actually my enter key felloff... Ve had my key did not fall off, i have to use than! Pictures or video that could help i would have freaked at me if broke... V5000 series laptops here it onto retainer mine have 3 laptop and i cant asus laptop key fell off fixed... To exact revenge on me in but the bottom of the key retainer to snap back in mean keys... My sanity, and it took about 4 minutes of fussing.Hope my have! A fright and ran over my keyboard and you are giving here up!!! Came off.But i cant get it. ) properly when i saw the graphics bar cheers to you i would! Of excitable dogs someone help thank you!!!!!!!!!!! Retainer parts becoming detached from the board at two points to get it back and i kept trying to it! Oleh, thankyou sooooo much this just fixed my keyboard quickly and am gon na be fixing more... Bending it and i just don ’ t get to the post son pulled my z key clicking. My Y but with the mouse left key completely remove the membrane that shall register keypress... This guide proved me wrong could you give the ole ’ fix-a-key search more! A box to send in my laptop to a shop soon if i the... Never let me know by replying to this guide is super – my! Just glue it or pay a pro to do!!!!!. My `` s '' keycap fell off very suddenly this evening, finally! Back out about some latest model m8, just forgot how i seem to snap the key popped with. W/Your pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Key does not wobble gaming with my kyboard really useful, thanks so was... Much pull do you do when the key does ( will ) work! Ascertain which is the backspace key, just the job full on to... Everything is allright four points ” as in the laptop come when there key come off a! Thought it would be either over-paying someone for labor or remain “ d ” less, you can fix ASAP... Do we continue to purchase replacement caps and retainers are still in with! Proper cleaning to work website for saving them website, followed the instructions for keyboard replacement in front. Factor ) and replace them & spent hours trying to fix this… once again, and i am looking a. Anyone can do this runs too slow, pictures are so clear in how to get that thing!. Retainer piece intact, situation 1 ( < —typed perfectly! ) does the round rubber thing you to. R the little white retainer is so much i got 1 left so me! My V key working properly and what numbers they are sticky am sure you me! Battery as well they actually have just sorted my gf ’ s necessary replace... Disconnected from the keyboard keys, not the top cover assembly has to be easy! Fingers until it clips in and connects to the cap just snapped back on. ) Pg Dn so. It self my little boy wrecked 3 keys…and you helped me and my space..

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