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road safety and the world of scientific research has been developed. Road Safety Education, Driver Education and Training Policy This policy is designed to support effective road safety education programs in NSW public schools K-12. Only in the Czech Republic, Ireland and Germany is road safety education provided at all levels. For example, Virtual Road World, a mobile phone app, has been SDERA helps children and young people make smarter choices by providing a resilience approach to road safety and alcohol and drugs education. reducing road safety risks caused by road user distractions Final report . Road safety education apps Although practical experience of using the roads is vital and is the best way for children to learn, you can also draw on the use of educational resources. We support school staff, early childhood educators and community agencies with professional learning, resources and state-wide consultancy. In particular, since 2001, the project has been carried out within a road safety education campaign aimed at youth and young adults and promoted by the Italian Police, the Faculty of Psychology of the University of Rome “La Sapienza”, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Convention on Road Traffic and thereby committed to provide road safety education in schools at all levels, this first overview of traffic safety and mobility education in Europe shows that in practice this commitment is not always fulfilled. Register for updates Why teaching road safety is so important road safety learning resources: teacher’s manual preschool 2 overview This preschool resource consists of cross-curricular learning plans introducing children to the concept of traffic, being aware of traffic and being safe around traffic, and the importance of obeying traffic safety rules because they reduce the risk of injury. Road safety practitioners deliver a number of road safety education, training and publicity projects. Register for updates on new THINK! It is important that road safety interventions are based on evidence. It will enable UN and associated organizations to effectively develop and manage road safety actions using best practices and evidence-based approaches. Click to learn more about what we do. This road safety education intervention on road safety knowledge of drivers employed in the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. The road safety education methodology aims to develop the following four key-competencies: Risk competence: Learning to estimate potential risks in traffic, acting and reacting in a safe manner to minimize road safety risks. The information and views set out in this study are those of the author(s) and do not ... education during licensing) should be delivered at the national level, but using a standard EU-led approach. It also assists schools to plan effective driver education for students in Years 9 and 10 and Stage 6 Life Ready. This involves looking at accident, casualty and any other available data to be sure that the road safety issue needs to … UNSSC’s Road Safety Training Program aims to directly contribute to Pillar 3 of the UN Road Safety Strategy and SDG Goal 3, target 3.6: “By 2030, halve the number of global deaths and injuries from road traffic accidents”. education resources. Explore road safety resources, professional learning and support for you and your school. Safe Mobility competence: Learning and understanding traffic rules as well as gaining practical skills to become a responsible and safe road user. Road Safety Education at Home Learning experiences that support children to become safer on our roads Page 1 | Road Safety Education at Home Resource 5 Road safety treasure hunt Road safety treasure hunt is a fun way to learn about the road safety tools in children’s local environment and how to use the road safely and the words of road safety. Methods: A quasi-experimental study of 98 intervention and 78 control drivers

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