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Got Wood??   

Wesell Oak, Hickory, Apple, Pecan, Pear, Peach, and Cherry for smoking as well as Oak and Piñon for your fireplace and chiminea.  Call or check below on our web page for pricing.   Wood available for pick up Mon 9 am – 6 pm & Tues-Sat 9 am – 8pm


Sweet, rich, fruity smoke – Apple is the preferred wood by many of the champions at the American Royal Barbecue.  Apple is superb for pork, ribs and whole hogs.

Fruity, sweet, milder than apple – cherry is a favorite with a few loyalists and works well with beef.   It will tend to darken the meat more than other woods will.

The “king” of smoking woods – Hickory is preferred by most barbecue restaurants. Because it produces a strong, smoky bacon/ham like flavor. Some cookers feel that hickory can be overpowering and therefore prefer to mix other kinds of wood in with their fire. Hickory is perfect with all meats.

The “queen” of smoking woods – Oak is straightforward, bold and slightly sweet flavor and is used in lots of barbecue joints. Oak is perfect for all meats.

Slightly sweet and earthy – Peach is good for most meat and mixes well with harsher woods.


Like a milder apple smoke?  Pear works nicely on game birds, poultry and pork.

The “pope” of smoking woods, Pecan is considered by many barbecue cooks to be the best.  Produces a rich, hickory-like flavor, yet is not as harsh as hickory. Pecan burns cool, so is ideal for the “low and slow” technique.  This wood is ideal for all meats.


Wood Co. 2009 -2010 1 Cord/includes tax 1/2 Cord/includes tax 1/4 Cord/includes tax 1/8 Cord/includes tax
Oak $242.00 $135.00 $81.00 $38.00
Hickory & Pecan $270.00 $162.00 $92.00 $59.00
Cherry $286.00 $178.00 $108.00 $70.00
Apple $380.00 $270.00 $135.00 $165.00
Pinion $695.00 $373.00 $189.00 $97.00

Picked up at the Woodyard prices. Bagged wood also available.